Matt Bolton

Psychology | Meteorology | Photography

Hello, and welcome to my website!
I study psychology at Saint Leo Univeristy,
and pursue work on autism and
integrated weather-society impacts.
Upon graduating with my B.A., I intend to pursue a PhD in cognitive psychology, with research interests in the psychology of weather and climate, autism, and various aspects of cognition.

The Psychology of Weather and Climate

My work on the psychology of weather and climate explores environmental perceptions, decision-making processes and risk understanding, and weather knowledge, among other things. I also integrate aspects of abnormal psychology in an effort to better communicate weather to vulnerable populations affected by learning-affecting and other conditions.

Autism, Cognition, & Other Stuff

I am interested in various aspects of autistic and non-autistic cognition (e.g., empathizing/systemizing tendencies, theory of mind, central coherence), perception (e.g., sensory sensitivities, and of the self) and a diverse range of other topics which include but are not limited to memory, language development and impairment, and mental health.


My interest in photography grew from an extreme childhood interest in weather. Correspondingly, my photographs are focused around weather-, nature-, land- and city- scapes, but are ultimately varied in nature. Here are a few, in addition to those which make up the background imagery on this page.

All photos © Matt Bolton