I am a student communicator in Central Florida. My interests lie mainly in meteorology, psychology, and photography, but are as varied as anthropology and the humanities.

Meteorology has always been a deeply-rooted passion for me. In 2008, I began pursuing it, pre-professionally, while in high school. This included an intensive self-study weather education, online blogging, and eventually reaching out to local and national meteorologists. As a high school sophomore, I joined (and became active in) the West Central Florida Chapter of the American Meteorological Society (AMS), for which I began to serve in several elected and appointed leadership positions as early as my senior year of high school.

From 2012-2014, I volunteered with a local emergency management office, and in the years prior to that experience, shadowed with the Tampa National Weather Service (NWS) office and local media meteorologists. I also was a weather observer for the Tampa Tribune/Tampa Bay Times, and a blogger for WTSP-TV.

Perhaps most notably, I have served as a long-term (now lead) intern with How The Weatherworks since 2010. During the course of my internship, I have facilitated two full redesigns of the How The Weatherworks website, assisted in facilitating weather learning across the country, and, among other things, conducted research into tropical cyclones. I have presented the results of my research at numerous AMS, National Weather Association (NWA), and American Geophysical Union (AGU) conferences. I am also heavily involved in the National Weather Camp Program run by How The Weatherworks.

I am currently serving as a student representative on the NWA's Professional Development and Diversity Committees. As a member of the Professional Development Committee, I work to promote opportunities for professional development in meteorology at all levels, particulary at the pre-college and college levels. As a member of the Diversity Committee, I work broadly to promote higher ethical standards within the weather enterprise, with the end goal of bringing about a more harmonious community. I also work as the Chair of the Disability Subcommittee, where I promote awareness for various disorders and disabilities. I work with meteorologists so that they better understand various disabilities as they relate to their mission of providing life-saving weather information to the general public.

My weather interest has led me to pursue a semi-professional photography career. My interest in photography grew from years of cloud-watching, and, as a result, my photographic pursuits are focused (pun intended!) largely around weather-, nature-, land- and city- scapes.